Find an exhibition venue

In parallel with my contacts with the University of Zewail, I am looking for places where we can expose our contents. I am currently in discussions with the French Institute in Cairo. I am not telling you any more at the moment, but I should have some news by next week.  I also continue to […]

Interview with Nicola Baggio, Offgridsun

“Every country in Africa is a different market, and this difference is much more pronounced than between European countries” The Italian company Offgridsun, specialized in photovoltaic solutions for rural areas without access to the electricity grid, has agreed to support the travel-sharing project by providing one of their solar kit for free. Nicola Baggio, the […]

Get organized with Trello

Trello This is the tool I use to organize the billions of tasks to be carried out before my departure. And today as I was storing all my small task labels in the “Done” column, I finally felt a real sense of accomplishment. My tasks performed column is now longer than those for which I […]