The House of Fools

I’ve been in Egypt for a month. So this is the time to renew my visa. Or rather to extend its period of validity because in Egypt, on arrival, at the airport, you are issued a visa valid for 3 months but if you stay more than one month you must also go to the […]

Afraid of the dentist?

“Do not go to the dentist in Egypt!”, strongly recommended my own dentist during my last check-up before the big departure. The legislation on the disinfection of the instruments being different from the European standard, my doctor assures me that the dental offices are an important vector of transmission of hepatitis C in Egypt. Thank […]

Travel companion

I’m happy to introduce you to this little frog who joined me in my adventure! It arrives straight from the Simin Palay College in Lescar, in the Pyrénées-Atlantique region. His journey will be followed closely by the students of the college who, I hope, will have many questions to ask us about our trip. With […]