They support us:

Embassy of France-Institut français.
The “Voyage-partage” project is supported by the French Embassy in Cairo via the French Institute of Egypt. They finance part of the first exhibition of the Project in Africa. Placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, the French Institute is responsible, within the framework of the policy and the guidelines adopted by the State, to bring a renewed ambition for the diplomacy of influence. It must contribute to the outreach of France abroad in a strengthened dialogue with foreign cultures and respond to France’s demand in a process of listening, partnership and openness. The French Institute of Egypt’s mission is to contribute to the promotion of French culture, language and expertise in Egypt, and to strengthen the cooperation between Egypt and France in all areas: educational and linguistic, cultural, academic, scientific and technical.

Zewail City of Science and technology
It’s the Egyptian University which is actively involved in the project through researchers from the Centre for Photonics and intelligent materials. The University of Science and Technology was created to form a new generation of scientists and entrepreneurs, capable of thinking critically and creatively, mastering the basic sciences and having a deep knowledge of interdisciplinary fields of engineering in fundamental and applied sciences. It houses a collection of state-of-the-art research institutes that are responsible for finding solutions to Egyptian problems.  For example, research is currently underway to find alternative sources of energy, including solar energy, which Egypt has in abundance. Https://

Chapka Assurances
Broker specialised in travel insurance solutions since 2002 and born with the desire to make insurances accessible to all by making the contracts understandable, simplifying the subscription processes and facilitating the reimbursements. Chapka creates Insurance solutions tailored to the needs of tourism professionals and individuals.


Italian photovoltaic company specialised in the development, design, manufacture and marketing of advanced solar technologies, OffgridSun provides sustainable and affordable access to energy in rural areas of developing world as well as in areas with limited access to the electrical grid. Http://


On The Green Road
After making a documentary in 26 countries to raise awareness about the preservation of the planet, On The Green Road supports the projects curious of the world and of the solutions it houses. Through field-level audiovisual training, personalised advice and support for post-travel dissemination, the association promotes projects committed to hatching and nurturing the wave of awareness already underway. Http://


French computer company based in Lille, Sinfoni IT develops applications. In particular the BeeBip application, which allows to track down any stolen or lost computer and to secure the data, and the parcel tracking app YouScan dedicated to transport services professionals.