We are all so different and yet so alike. We have so much to learn from each other but the unknown makes us so afraid… And if there was a common point that could build bridges between our cultures? And if this common point was our curiosity to understand how the world works and thus science?  

During this shared journey around the world, I will meet scientists in all the countries visited to understand how and on what subjects they work , and to create with them exhibitions about their projects, their life, their culture. These exhibitions will be shared with the inhabitants of these countries and in digital form on this site.

The Expos

  • First characteristic: The content of each exhibition is carried out by the teams of scientists. They decide among them what to tell.
  • Second peculiarity: After being created, the exhibition is first shared with the inhabitants of the country and then brought to the next country and presented to the scientists who will produce the following exhibition. So also the Expo makes the tour of the world

Each exhibition will focus on highlighting the research project of a particular team of scientists and popularizing it for the public, notably through interactive experiences. It will be about researchers with a major interest for the development of the country or particularly emblematic of it. But it will also talk about the daily life of researchers and which is the place of science in the country

It will be organised in 3 parts:

  • a very concrete and popular part about the scientific project of the team involved.
  • a part about the organization and the life of the researchers. This part will be a kind of portrait.
  • a part about the place of science in the country (in connection with the UNESCO science report towards 2030)

The exhibits will consist of easy-to-transport X-Ban banner panels, a mini overhead projector for videos and, as far as possible, representative objects of the scientific team and its activities.

Those will be accompanied by videos (reportage, portraits of the researchers themselves …), interactive manipulations to be made in connection with the scientific project, participative devices allowing visitors to bring their contribution to the exhibition … The exhibitions will be relayed on the Voyage-Partage website, on social media and to the possible extent by local media.

The Itinerary

The trip will begin with Africa with the creation of a first expo in Egypt. Then I will go through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa… I will then go back to West Africa and then sail to South America.  But this plan could change accordingly to how the meetings, the exhibitions and the Project itself will develop and progress.

Back to France, I would like to present the entire exhibition in a unique place. And this time with real screens and large interactive devices.

Find below the project Presentation folder.

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