Born in 1987, I started traveling solo at the age of 20, facing the challenge of spending three months in Northern India. This was a revelation for me and after this first experience I kept travelling abroad whenever it was possible. Soon, I decided that one day I would go on a trip around the world.

After my scientific baccalaureate, I studied Sociology and then Journalism in Italy. After that, I obtained a Master’s degree in Scientific Event Design and became a scientific mediator at the Observatoire de Paris, Paris’ Observatory, where I organised several exhibitions related to astronomy.

Two years later I returned to my first love, journalism. I graduated as a scientific journalist at the Lille Journalism School and since then I have worked mainly for the magazine “Ca m’interesse”, owned by Prismamedia Group.

It’s been five years since I began seriously conceiving this project of travelling around the world, and from the start I wanted it to be more than the simple discovery of new places. I wanted to meet locals, which is always the best part of the trip, and I wanted to create something with them to transmit values of sharing, tolerance and friendship between people.

As I have always been attracted by science and believe that it carries a great power of emancipation and universality for us, both men and women, I thought that an exhibition about scientists’ work around the world would be particularly appropriate.

I invite you to learn more about this project in the following pages and I would very much appreciate any help to make it come true! Thank you

What is this project ?   What is the itinerary ?


And to find out more about me! → Chinese Portrait

Chinese PortraitIf I were a pastry: a swan, this kind of cream puffs with wings and a head.

If I was a video game: Zelda! My favorite game, mix of action and puzzles.

If I were a color: green, color of hope.

If I was a time of day: The morning, the moment you wake up but you know you can still sleep because it’s Sunday.

If I were a climate: blue sky and about twenty degrees, the perfect time to walk.

If I were a tree: the Weeping willow. Because it has long hair? I don’t know, he always fascinated me. If I have a tree one day, it will be that one.

If I were a value: tolerance

If I was an emotion: empathy

If I was a planet: Mars, I would love to visit it:)

If I were an accessory: a opinel, it’s more useful than a hair clip (though…)