Webdoc Expo

Now that the exhibition on nanotechnology at the French Institute in Cairo is over, all that remains is to present its content here on this site. Rather than creating long text and photo articles, I would rather develop a webdoc, an interactive documentary. But it takes very specific skills to develop a webdoc, so I’m […]

Producing content

Now that I have found researchers, that I have a place for the exhibition (it has still to be confirmed though) all that remains is to realize the content. I think this is the part I prefer even if it is also the one that takes the most time! I think that’s because it’s the […]

Find an exhibition venue

In parallel with my contacts with the University of Zewail, I am looking for places where we can expose our contents. I am currently in discussions with the French Institute in Cairo. I am not telling you any more at the moment, but I should have some news by next week.  I also continue to […]