"Voyager sans rencontrer l'autre, ce n'est pas voyager, c'est se déplacer."

Alexandra David Neel, exploratrice

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Taïna Cluzeau portrait

Let's go!
One year in Africa to realize exhibitions with the researchers on their scientific projects and to share these exhibitions with the inhabitants, that is more or less the adventure that I am realizing at this very moment. It's crazy, is not it? And then why not the rest of the world! This site is there, to share with you the preparations of my trip and it constitutes the showcase of the exhibitions that we will realize. These will address the daily lives of researchers as well as the fruits of their work. The exhibits will be shared throughout my journey to make science accessible and share one of our great similarities: our curiosity to understand how the world around us works.

Next step

  • Producing content
    Now that I have found researchers, that I have a place for the exhibition (it has still to be confirmed though) all that remains is to realize the content. I think this is the part I prefer even if it is also the one that takes the most time! I think that’s because it’s the most […]

This is done !

  • Date of the exhibit
    April 22nd is the date chosen by the French Institute to inaugurate the exhibition. The project has just been validated by the French adviser at the head of the French Institute, Mohamed Bouabdallah and the exhibition will be welcomed by the French Institute until at least mid-May. Excellent news […]

African travel

Egypt, Malawi and Senegal, here the three principals countries where I will be realizing exhibitions during this first part of my world tour.