Taïna Cluzeau portrait
Let's go
Traveling to Africa to make exhibitions with researchers on their scientific projects and share them with the locals, this is more or less the adventure that I am currently living. Isn't it crazy? And then why not the rest of the world! This site is there to share with you the preparation of my trip and it is the showcase for the exhibitions that we carry out. These will address the daily life of researchers as well as the fruit of their work. They will be shared throughout my trip to make scientific culture accessible and share one of our great similarities: our curiosity to understand how the world around us works.

Next step

  • Webdoc Expo
    Now that the exhibition on nanotechnology at the French Institute in Cairo is over, all that remains is to present its content here on this site. Rather than creating long text and photo articles, I would rather develop a webdoc, an interactive documentary. But it takes very specific skills to […]

This is done !

  • The Nano Expo
    That’s it. The exhibition about nanotechnology in Egypt has just ended at the French Institute. Here you will find some photos that present this great success and the exhibition catalogue in English. For the members of the association, do not forget that you have access to my short videos […]

African travel

Egypt, Malawi and Senegal, here the three principals countries where I will be realizing exhibitions during this first part of my world tour.