Here is a small list – far from being exhaustive – of the needs that I will meet during the trip. If you ever have the opportunity to provide me with certain objects (even used!) or some of your skills, I will be eternally grateful to you! This list will evolve over the course of preparation and travel. If you have any other idea to help me with the project, I am all ears. And if you wish you can of course support me financially through my association.

Equipment and Services

 – For the trip –

☐ Des réductions ou la gratuité sur les moyens de transports (avions, bateaux)

☐ reductions or gratuity on means of transport (aeroplanes, boats)

☐ Hosting

A straw for drinking contaminated water

☐ pellets for disinfecting water

A Zippo

A Swiss Army knife

☐ An Orientation Compass

 – To design and mount the Expo –

☐ X-Banner type panels and their printing

Lightweight computer hardware type Asus Vivo 11″

Camera type GoPro

Immersion box for Go Pro Hero 5 Black

☐ A picoprojecteur to show the videos

✓ A solar battery and a charger

☐ A 3d swivel ball adaptable photo Tripod Manfrotto to film

☐ A tripod octopus

☐ The production of goodies for researchers (with the name of the exhibition)

More than welcome skills

 – From home –

☐ You know about WordPress and you would agree to help me when this filthy beast does not want to do what I ask.

☐ You could analyse the mobile version of the site and make it fully responsive.

You know JavaScript and could help me make an interactive map.

You are well acquainted with Africa and its way of transport

☐ you would agree to translate part of the site remotely.

 – On site –

a photographer to make a book for the kit press before leaving

☐ You are a translator in one of the countries I visit

☐ You work in a scientific organization, an institution, a school… and you would say that one of the stages of the project takes place CH EZ you.

☐ You are or you would have a skipper who can take me between Senegal and Brazil towards the end of September 2019

☐ You are or you would have an association or a public place in Africa ready to host the exhibition

Discover who is already part of the project