Producing content

Now that I have found researchers, that I have a place for the exhibition (it has still to be confirmed though) all that remains is to realize the content. I think this is the part I prefer even if it is also the one that takes the most time! I think that’s because it’s the most creative part.

The Expo should be entitled:

Discovering Science in Africa:
Nanotechnology in Egypt

I have already almost finalized a small video on the nanophotonics, and I have met all the researchers of the team that I work with in Zewail city. I’m  transcribing now all the exciting information they have shared with me. In parallel, I learn about the state of the science in the country, I need data (numbers, maps…), and I do interviews to draw the portrait of Egyptian researchers.

It’s exciting.

All this content will then be posted, in parallel to the expo, on this website. I hope you will be interested!


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