100 days in Egypt, Sokhna 5/5

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Sokhna, the sadness of resorts

Not much to tell about Sokhna. I wanted to go to the sea with Giuseppe, something not too far from Cairo. On the advice of friends, I chose the Cancun resort. Movenpick, the most recommended hotel by my friends was full. Unlike Dahab, here, there are only resorts. And I do not think it is possible to go to the beach outside the private beaches…

Cancun was nice, not very expensive for a very nice room with sea view. The food was very good too. The fruit salad was very yummy. And I discovered a new dessert the Oum Ali… A hot egg cream, better than the crème brulee…

But it's still a resort. Besides, the beach and the water was very polluted. Plastic bags everywhere 🙁 Maybe if the weather would have been a bit warmer I would have liked it more! Because it was too much cold to bathe in spite of a beautiful wooden pontoon that only asked to see us dive from its boards.

And it even rained. But for the better. That's what I will remind, the most beautiful rainbow of my life. So I'm really glad I went. 

We took the bus to get there but to return we accepted the proposal of the driver who came, after our arrival, to pick us up at the bus stop to drive us to the hotel. He brought us back to Cairo for a decent price of 700 pounds maybe? 35 Euros finally not much more expensive than bus tickets, plus the price for taking us to the bus stop… But, the poor, with his brand new car, he had recovered the same day, did not expect such traffic in Cairo. It was Saturday night… Back from the weekend. Despite the advice of my GPS and mine, he preferred to ask all the Egyptians around how to go to Tahrir. The corniche, the corniche. And me: nooo not the corniche. This is the most crowded place in Cairo. But he did not listen to me, and I did not insist enough.

He took the road to the Corniche that goes up the Nile instead of cutting through Cairo. not joking, it added an extra hour to our itinerary. So I asked him to drop us off at the subway to go faster. But hey, there are only three metro lines in the city for 13 million inhabitants and workers… So it also took time to find one metro station on the road… But once inside, in 10 min We were place Tahrir instead of probably a big extra half hour. In these moments, you relativize, it's more annoying for the driver than for you. And now I know that I know more about Cairo traffic than people who don't live there! So next time, I'll definitely decide.

The next destinations

In the coming months, by April, here are the places I hope to have time to visit;)

  • Luxor and Aswan are planned with Afsané at the end of January. I can't wait edit: it's done and it was awsome!
  • The camel market in Birqash
  • Alexandria, again
  • The Oasis of Siwa
  • Port Saïd, north of Ismalia
  • Black and White Desert

End of this first series about the places I visited. There will very likely be a second. And in a next article, I'll tell you about Cairo. Because of course, I also visited many places in Cairo:)


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