Where to follow me?

Since the beginning of this round of the world, as you know, I publish articles on this website, voyage-partage.fr. However I wanted to give you a little summary of the channels and social networks where I post additional information. 

The main media where to find my articles is therefore the website voyage-partage.fr. Basically, there are two types of articles that relate to the exhibition project and those that correspond to a kind of roadmap. To not miss any post, the easiest way is to subscribe here to the newsletter. You will be automatically notified when a new item is online. Sometimes this bug a little, I publish the article by mistake and it is not quite finished when you get on it. But it's rare!

All the articles I post on the site are automatically posted on Facebook on the project page. You can like the page so that the articles are automatically found, at the goodwill of Facebook, in your feed. I share the most interesting posts on my own Facebook page. But beware, there are not only the articles of the site on Facebook. I also publish short posts, sometimes funny (if, if) sometimes cute (each his tastes). That's why I advise you to like or, in any case, to check the page if you want to have some extra info. Normally, I publish something every Tuesday.

Then there's Instagram.  You can consult it on the internet but generally, for those who do not know, it is an application that is downloaded on his phone. If you look in the right column of the website, you will also find all the photos of Instagram.

On my @Tcluzeau account, I publish photos of the trip and stories, i.e. photos and videos that only stay online for 24 hours. To see them, once in the account, you have to click on the profile photo.  You can subscribe to the account to find, as on Facebook, my photos in your Instagram thread. It's very convenient as a publishing tool, it's with the phone, so it's quick for me to take a video and put it directly online with a comment. I publish content almost every day. And depending on what I'm doing that day, it's more or less exciting ^^. It could be pictures of the scenery, or a picture of my salad! I'm not a Instagram pro yet. We can do really nice things with this tool, I'm still learning. 

And the last channel of Communication, the newsletter of the members of the association. You certainly know that doing your science is the association that supports the exhibition project. For the people who joined the association (it happens here), I send monthly news of the project, usually a small video. They can find all the videos here, it's a page protected by a password. You feel pretty privileged when you know the password, right?

Now you know all my broadcast channels. Feel free to comment on the publications on all networks, I really like to have your feedback. Oh, yes! And soon, finally one day or the other, the site will be translated into English! On social networks, I already practice a kind of franglish and I think it will stay like this because I see myself poorly manage an account by language… What do you think? Is that all right with you? 


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