I croûle under the work

A quick spot on the progress of the Expo project. I try to give you news every Wednesday (yes it is Friday, I said I try…), one week out of two. But I have so much to do at the same time that it is not obvious.

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In fact, I don't have much to tell you. You know that the work on the expo started with the University of Zewail. On Wednesday 17 October, I was able to interview Professor Salah, to explain a little about what nanophotonics is and I am trying to mount the video. But it takes time. First because my computer is slow, because I'm slow and because there are plenty of details to adjust before I release the video, of the type that I put as title, is that the video will be part of a series of videos etc… And I'm not even talking about the validation time by Univ. I have not yet started working with the researchers themselves, the last appointment was postponed because they were not available… In short, it takes time for things to be put in place. Next week, I'm going to go to college for two days to make up for the last appointment. 

This will be an opportunity to present the project to the researchers and to see with them what they want to achieve, to share with the public. We will plan the work together and above all we will decide who does what. On Thursday, I'll start interviewing the researchers to make their portrait. Finally, that is what is expected. 

In parallel, I discuss with the French institute the possibility of exhibiting in their premises. That would be really nice. And it would even be incredible if I could be in contact with all the French institutes in the countries where I pass. But good for now we have discussed a lot of possible options and we are still in the process of validating the project by management. Let's see.

I'm just struggling to move forward because so far I've finally had enough time to work. Between the week with my mom, the articles to write for the site, the search for accommodation, the extension of the visa and above all, simply, the time I spend here with my new friends, I only have a few hours each day to advance on the project.

That is to say, make summaries of the meetings I had with the university and the French Institute, write articles to give you news, prepare the work schedule…

But there are many urgent things that I have not yet had time to start. Among other things: translating the site into English, looking for additional partners, and especially start communicating on my project. Because well I'm very happy that my family, my friends have news of the Expo but the goal is still to inform the western public about what is happening at the science level here in Africa… 

The good news is that now I have a room in a roommate, so the housing issue is settled. And then I got the extension of my visa until the end of January. So if I need more time to get my first expo out, I'll take it:)

This is the next project news in two weeks if everything goes well!


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